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Baia Vallugola

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The beach in Vallugola is to be found in a bay on the Adriatic sea between Gabicce Mare and Castel di Mezzo. The Baia di Vallugola is famous for its crystal clear water and for the fine, white sand that characterises its beach which is sheltered from the wind and the sea breeze.

With regard to the particular name of this place there are several hypotheses. The most probable sustains that the name derives from "uvula", which in turn derives from "uva" and that it means "the valley of the small wines". Anther hypothesis considers that the name Vallugola derives from "Valle lucula", an obscure valley due to the vegetation present, and again, from "Valle dell'ugola" which refers to the eco phenomenon which is to be found in this bay.

The town of Vallugola is, nowadays, a small tourist port, however in the past it was an economically important port where several shipments coming from Dalmazia used to stop over. Witness to the vivacity of the naval business carried out in this port in the past, there are written documents and archeological exhibits found here.

The beach in Vallugola is immersed in the vegetation of the Parco Naturale of Monte San Bartolo and just a few Km. from Gabicce Mare and from Cattolica. Close to the Marina di Baia Vallugola there are many hotels where visitors can stay: in fact, there are many hotels in and around Gabicce, a town which is well equipped to welcome tourists especially during the Summer months.

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