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Montefiore Conca is a Municipality in the Province of Rimini and which confines with the Marche Region.

It gains its name thanks to its position, it being a composition of "Monte" (mountain) to which the name Florius (flower) has been added. Its origin is not known, in fact the doubt is that of ascribing it to a person or to a specific landscape characteristic.

Conca, on the other hand, comes from the Latin "bacino", and was added around the time of the first World War in keeping with the geomorphological sense.

This suggestive hillside has been visible for centuries, one could see a majestic fortress which seemed to touch the sky. This was the Montefiore Fortress at the feet of which grew a town renowned for its antique medieval beauty, inherited from the Malatesta family.

The town walls embrace the small roads, churches, and squares that host prestigious works of art and the signs f a long lost daily life like that of the local craftsmen. From the central square and from the windows of the antique houses one can enjoy a marvellous landscape, and see the sea which is easily reached from here as it is very close by.

The view of the vast countryside is every bit as good as that of the sea seeing as it extends through the olive grows, the chestnut and oak woods of modest dimensions which make this countryside a unique and inviting reality. In fact, the invitation is that to take long walks along the pathways and the old roads and to take in all that surrounds them.

The signs of the past are evident, the folkloristic atmosphere that one can breathe makes this town even more welcoming and attractive to all those who pass by.

If you find yourself in this area, you can stay in one of the hotels near Montefiore Conca and take in all the unique richness of the history and of the landscape, but the most important point is that you will leave in all serenity because here relaxation is assured, and you will not forget this town.

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