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Dear friend,

On this site you can find lots of information about accommodation and places to visit in your italian trips. Here's what you can do:

- there are not only hotels to search: at the bottom of each page of your preferred location, you'll find the box to discover other types of structures, such as camping, farm holidays, apartments and restaurants.

- filtering results. It can happen that a location has got many structures, so it could be difficult to focus on what is the best according to your needs. Thanks to ItaliaABC you can save time and filter the results by specifying the range of level of the structures or the presence of essential services that you need.

- searching with or without help of ItaliaABC. With help, ItaliaABC will suggest the name of the place while you're typing it into the search box. Once clicked the search function, you'll see a list of the structures (of the chosen type between hotels, camping, farm holidays, apartments and restaurants);
Instead, with the free search, you'll type a keyword you have in mind, and thanks to the "search" button ItaliaABC will show to you all its related world of structures, offers and much more. An example? If you enter Halloween you may see all offers  that are presented by the structures.

- finding the best deals. Indeed, the Italians are always looking for the best occasion. So ItaliaABC allows you to search through the offers of the structure of your choice. You should only specify the dates that interest you and the search function will list you all of it.

- visiting the official websites of the structures that interest you. Why should you spend time on the network by typing directly the name of the hotel or restaurant you are looking for? ItaliaABC shows you the list of structures and for each of them a direct link to its official site.

- sending a multiple request of costs estimation. In your wish list you can add 5 structures that for price, location, or other reasons, particularly interest you, and then, with only one operation, you can send the same request for information to all. The structures will respond you by e-mail, so that you will evaluate the best proposal. Easy and convenient, isn't it?

- subscribing to ItaliaABC's Newsletter. As you know, the ItaliaABC's world is maked of friends with the same passion for travels. Subscribing to ItaliaABC's Newsletter allows you to receive our news and wonders.

- sharing on Social Networks. Someone have said that happiness is real only if shared. If you find a place that interest you, or a hotel that you would suggest to your friends, thanks to ItaliaABC this is very easy: with their buttons, you can share on social networks your preferred contents.