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Chiesa di San Domenico

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In Piazza Domenico rises the homonymous Church which protects the remains of the founder of the Ordine dei predicatori. Its construction began after the death of the Saint in 1221.

The facade is in Romanesque style. Upon entry, on the right-hand side, one finds the Ghisilardi Chapel which is in Renaissance style and was designed by Baldassarre Peruzzi. On the left-hand side there are various Gothic-style Chapels. Inside, the Chapel of San Domenico which was resotred in 1728 by Carlo Francesco Dotti where, in a marble arch, rests the body of the Saint.

This monument was built in successive stages and work was carried out by Niccolò Pisano and his students who sculpted the urn, and by Nicolò Dell'Arca who enriched it with a beautiful ceiling.

Successively, the Church of Saint Domenico was further enriched by work by Michelangelo who, at the time, was nineteen years old.

Noteworthy is the wooden choir box by Fra' Damiano from Bergamo in 1500, which is a marvel of Renaissance carvings.

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