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The Due Torri

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From Piazza di Porta Rovegnana, via Rizzole takes to the Due Torri (Torre degli Asinelli and Garisenda) symbol of Bologna.

The Asinelli tower, dating back to the beginning of the XIII century, is the highest - about 98 metres - and has a slight inclination of 230 cm. From its top the view is spectacular, on a nice day one can see the whole Padana valley to the pre-Alps and the Lombardy and Venetian Alps.

The Garisenda tower is the lowest of the two towers and measures about 48,16 metres. It was built during the XI century and was lowered over the years for fear of it collapsing. It has a larger inclination than the other: 322 cm. which makes it more characteristic.

It is not very clear why so many towers were built in Bologna (about 180), however it seems that the two families from Bologna - Asinelli and Garisenda - were competing with eachother to see who could build the highest tower so as to gain control on the city and the surrounding valleys. However, as often happened at the time, they were without any architectural or engineering experience. Others sustain that the towers were built as a pure form of defence or offence.

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