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Museo d'Arte Antica

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The Museo d'Arte Antica in Milan is situated within the Castello Sforzesco, and occupies most of the ground and first floors. This museum presents findings of great artistic value  from different historical periods which go from the IV to XVI centuries

So as to gain access to the first room of the Museum, called the Cancelleria Room, one must pass under the splendid Arco della Pusterla dei Fabbri, demolished at the beginning of the XX century. In all the museum has fifteen rooms all rich in sculptures of rare value but also of splendidly frescoed walls and ceilings.

Amongst the over two thousand findings present in the Museo d'Arte Antica, the most well known is surely the Pietà Rondanini, realised by Michelangelo Buonarroti in 1564. It is a marble sculpture of enormous importance as it is considered the testament of Michelangelo who died before finishing it.

Another very well known opera is the imposing Sepulchral Monument of Bernabò Visconti, sculpted by Bonino da Campione in 1363 as an equestrian statue; only later did it become the funeral monument of the famous Sovreign of Milan.

As well as these two works of art, there are also the walls in room 8, decorated with the splendid fresco's by Leonardo da Vinci and, lastly, the tomb of Gaston de Foix.

The Museo d'Arte Antica is easily reached by car or by public transport as it is in the centre of Milan. Considering the fact that the Lombardy Region capital is the preferred destination for tourists coming from all over the world, there are many hotels in the vicinity where visitors can stay during their visit.

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