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The Colosseum or Flavio Amphitheatre is the symbol of ancient Rome.

The beginning of the construction of the amphitheatre dates back to 72 AD under the dominium of Emperor Vespasiano and was inaugurated by his son, Tito, in 80 AD.

The area occupied by the Coliseum is equal to 3,357 sq.m. and its present height reaches 48.5 m. The construction takes its name from a colossal statue of Nerone (Nero) which was to be found in the vicinity. After his death, however, the statue underwent modification and became a statue of the Sun God and gained a solar crown.

It was later moved so as to make space for the Tempio di Venere e Roma (Temple of Venus and Roma).

The façade is made up of 80 pillar-held arches and a full wall. The inside is divided into five sections: one reserved for the senators and their families, and all the others reserved for public which fell into different categories: the lower the rank, the higher and further back they sat.

The arena hosted the games of the amphitheatre which included animal fights, challenges between gladiators, and naval battles. For the inauguration of the amphitheatre, the games lasted three months and caused the death of about 2,000 gladiators and 9,000 animals.

Fights involving gladiators were witnessed up to the dominion of Teodorico in 523.

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