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Fontana dell'Acqua Felice

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The Fontana dell'Acqua Felice, or Mostra dell'Acqua Felice, also known as the Fontana di Mosè (Moses Fountain), is situated in Piazza San Bernardo in Rome.

Seeing as Pope Sisto V intended furnishing water to the Districts which were rising on the Viminale and Quirinale hillsides, the fountain was named in his honour.

The Pope commissioned this project to architect Giovanni Fontana.

Also inaugurated in 1587 was the Mostra Monumentale by the same artist, with its three closed arches which were divided by four Ionic colomns, each corresponding to an Egyptian-style lion. In the lateral niches there are two embossments, one realised by Giovan Battista della Porta, and the other by Flaminio Vacca and Pietro Paolo Olivieri.

In the central arch, on the other hand, is Moses, work carried out by Sormani.

It was the first public water supply in Rome.

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