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Fori Imperiali

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The Fori Imperiali represent more than 1 monumental square constructed between 46 a.C. and 113 d.C. by the Emperors. They are to be found in the heart of the city of Rome. The Foro di Cesare is a very big square that takes its name from Julius Caesar who decided its construction and paid for it personally, modifying the traditional Curia orientation, seat of the Senate.

The construction of the square had a political aim and, therefore, a personal propogandistic scope, as well as seeking consensus - scope of all the squares in the Circo Flaminia area.

In 2 a.C., under the dominion of Augusto, the Foro di Augusto was inaugurated with its Tempio di Marte Ultore, as vowed and promised to Ottaviano during the battle of Filippi in 42 a.C. where the assasins of Ceasar were defeated.

Another big square was constructed under the dominion of Vespasiano and was called Tempio della Pace. This monument was built after the conquest of Jerusalem.

So as to connect all the Fori, Domiziano decided to construct a new square in the area that remained free.

With the death of Domiziano, the unfinished square took the name of his successor Nerva, hence the Foro di Nerva or Foro Transitorio.

Seeing as Domiziano had far-seeing projects, under his reign work began for the excavation of part of the mountainous land which connected the Campidoglio with the Quirinale, however the project was terminated by Traiano with the construction of the Foro di Traiano.

So as to connect Piazza Venezia with the Colosseum during the Fascist era, the via dei Fori Imperiali was opened for the military parades.

Nowadays it is used for the parade that celebrates the feastday of the Italian Republic on June 2nd.

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