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Foro di Traiano

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The Foro di Traiano is one of the Fori Imperiali in Rome, and also the last.

It is presumed that its construction and, therefore, the excavation works, began during the reign of Domiziano and were terminated by Traiano from whom the square takes its name.

Its realisation was made possibile by the war chest obtained by the conquest of Dacia. The project was commissioned to architect Apollodoro da Damasco.

The Foro is constituted by marble portico's on two sides and, on the far end, the Basilica Ulpia. Behind the Basilica there is the Colonna di Traiano with its courtyard, and the foundations of the lateral portico's in front of which there are two libraries.

In the year 2000, for the Jubilee, excavation works were carried out which bought to the light a consistent piece of the square, the area which housed the remains of medieval houses.

This complex also housed the ceremonies for the freedom of slaves, and was also the place where an auction was carried out by Marco Aurelio to sell assets of the Empire so as to finance military campaigns.

Nowadays it is the object of studies for genetic mapping thanks to the presence of a population of river crabs: Potamon Fluviatile.

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