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Foro Romano

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The Foro Romano is situated in Rome in the valley between the Platino and the Campidoglio.

Constructed by Tarquino Prisco, it was a market place and also where the political and judicial life went on in 600 a.C. The Foro was definitively finished during the Imperial period, started by Caesar and finished by Augusto. Two Basilica's were built (Emilia and Giulia), and also the new Tempio del Divo Giulio dedicated to Caesar after the death of Augusto.

During this period the Arco di Augusto was built.

During the I century, the Tempio di Vespasiano was built here.

In 608, the last monument in the square was built: a colomn in honour of Emperor Foca.

In Medieval ages, the Foro was used as pasture land for domestic animals and as arable land. Only in the XVI century was the Foro, which until that time was known as Campo Vaccino, re-discovered.

Excavations went on until 1980, eliminating the via della Consolazione which passed through the Campidoglio and the Tempio di Saturno.

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