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Rocca Roveresca

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In Senigallia it is possible to see an excellently conserved and really important example of military construction: the Rocca Roversca. It has a complex architecture also due to the fact that it owes its present state to the overlapping of different construction phases which have been carried out over time starting from the Roman era. The present structure, however, owes most of its characteristics to the architectural design of Luciano Luarana, the same person that designed the Palazo Ducale in Urbino, and to Baccio Pontelli. It was Giovanni Della Rovere who wanted the construction during the second half of the 15th century.

The particular form that sees two fortresses rise towards the sky, one inside the other, has a solid reason for being. The internal architecture was a luxury residence and was deliberately surrounded by the external fortress, an ideal defence and protection for the family which governed the city. Such a defensive structure was not enough however to defent the Della Rovere family from the attack by Cesare Borgia and, in 1503, the Fortress capitulated. The same fortress also hosted the artillery school of Guidobaldo della Rovere and became, under the hegemony of the church, a papal prison and, finally, an orphanage.

Visiting the Rocca Roveresca is a truly pleasant experience. The once damp undergrounds offer a particular suggestion of the past, the pathway around the square shape of the fortress and the art exhibitions that are continuously hosted there allow visitors to spend some unforgettable hours getting to know the history of Senigallia. In this way one mixes the pleasure given by the sun and the sea to the artistic and cultural experience.

If one can choose, it is better to select one of the hotels close to the Rocca Roveresca. Staying in the historical centre brings many advantages and allows one to really visit the city. The sea is really close and within walking distance.

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